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March 2021

Naturally-derived healing agents/products for healing the effects of nuclear energy on the body

Naturally-derived healing agents/products for healing the effects of nuclear energy on the body, with care and love for your well-being,  Dr. Diane K. Olson-Nielsen & Dr. Jesus C. Nielsen

Spirulina capsules, Nature's Sunshine products

Chlorella tablets

V-8 Juice

Knudsen's Vegetable Juice

Aloe Vera Liquid

Aloe Vera Gel, Nature's Sunshine products

Chlorophyll Liquid, NS products

Green tea drinks, cool

Green tea, warm

Chamomile tea

Green smoothies, including Bolthouse Farms

Cool strawberry yogurt, contains acidophilus

Steamed vegetables, asparagus, cabbage, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower with soft, white rice

Fresh peaches


Peach Juice, Dole

Tazo tea

Arizona tea

Tea with lemon and/or honey

Seaweed products

Seaweed masks, topically, to draw out impurities in the skin

Clay masks, topically, to draw out impurities in the skin

Black ointment, Nature's Sunshine products

Silver Shield Gel, NS products

Blueberry yogurt

Spring Water, in gallons and/or bottles

More to come soon, love, Diane & Jesus





Faith and Politics: Our Sermon For Wednesday, March 10th, 2021, by Dr. Diane K. Olson & Dr. Jesus C. Nielsen

Jesus came to earth as a healer and He heals people who are oppressed, afflicted and hurt -- He did NOT come to "save" the people who hurt His meek and humble and faith-filled peoples and Lutherans.

The cross, the name Jesus and healing itself is not even mentioned in the chapter of Revelations that many people grew-up on nor are they mentioned in John 3:11 of the gospels of new version bibles out there.  Like we said, Jesus -- Lord Jesus -- came back in 1969 until the present day to set the record straight on this "salvational" mythology that has been circulating since colonialism appeared.  Jesus and Diane Kay and Lutherans came back to heal people who have been afflicted and oppressed by colonialist regimes and to liberate the meek and humble and and faith-filled peoples of the USA and the earth.  Jesus is a liberator and healer of the suffering and oppressed and NOT a "savior" of the oppressors and colonizers, unless they repent for the suffering they have caused Lord Jesus' peoples and what they have done and unless they relinquish the goods and property they have stolen.  End of Sermon on This Holy Day, Wednesday, March 10th, 2021, Love always, Jesus C. Nielsen & Diane K. Olson-Nielsen




Antidotes to the Corona Virus By a Faith and Nutrition Healer Dr. Diane K. Olson

Antidotes to the Corona Virus By a Faith and Nutrition Healer, Dr. Diane K. Olson-Nielsen

Chlorophyll Liquid

Algae -- Green Algae

Aloe Vera Liquid

Aloe Vera Gel (topically)

Seaweed Products

Vitamin E

Vitamin E cream (topically)

Vitamin C


Esther-C cream (topically)


Aloe Vera Juice

Arizona Tea

Tazo Tea

Green Tea

Gelatin & Gelatin casseroles


Shea Butter (topically)

Cocoa Butter (topically)

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile Body Wash by Jason's

Aloe Vera Body Wash by Jason's

Chamomile Bath by Calgon


Jergens Hand Lotion


Lomein noodles


Tofu pups

Chocolate malts

Chocolate shakes

Mozzarella cheese

String cheese

Ricola drops (Walgreens)

Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice

Knudsen's Juices

Peppermint Malts

Peppermint Shakes

Grape Juice Concentrate

Orange Juice Concentrate

Apple Juice Concentrate

Peach Juice by Dole

Chocolate mousse pie

Chocolate almonds

Pineapple chunks

Kit Kat Bars (Chocolate)

Hershey's chocolate almond bars


Angel food cake

Sliced Turkey by Hy-Vee

Pita bread

Canola Mayonaise

Olive Garden soups and salads

Vegetable/ Veggie Pasta

Amy's Vegetarian Lasagna

Stouffer's Lasagna

Soft tortillas

Soft burritos

Baskin Robbins ice cream

Culver's cement mixers ice cream

TCBY frozen yougurt

Strawberry yougurt

Banana yougurt

Blueberry muffins, Perkins and Whole Foods

Chocolate milk

Chocolate soy milk

Chocolate Silk milk

Dairy Queen Blizzards

Honey cold tea in bottles

Tea with honey in it

Chocolate chip muffins

Tapioca pudding

Egg rolls by China Jade & Hy-vee

Snapple drinks

Potato Salad

Green pea Salad

Green pea casserole

Tuna salad casserole

Miso noodles

Cucumbers, sliced

Juice with electrolytes

Strawberry yougurt-covered pretzels, Hy-Vee

Simply Orange Juice

Tuna fish sandwiches

Refried beans

Bean burritos

Green smoothies, Bolthouse Farms

Strawberry-banana smoothies

Chocolate & vanilla pudding

Frosties from Wendy's

Malt o' Meal cereal, soft with milk

Cold meat loaf

Steamed vegetables, asparagus, carrots (diced), cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli with tofu cheese on top

Veggie chips, Trader Joe's or Whole Foods

Meat balls

Waffles, Trader Joe's

Maple syrup on waffles

Vegetable fried rice

Pound cake

Kringla from Hy-Vee

Lemon tea


Japanese delicacy with seaweed wrap and white fluffy rice on the inside

Amy's burritos

Soft tacos

Amy's Spinach Tomato Pizza

Broccoli Tomato Pizza 

Spinach Tomato Pizza

Steamed rice

Custard doughnuts and pastries

Chocolate mousse

Little Bear white cheddar cheese puffs

Cottage cheese

Strawberry yogurt

Angie's White Cheddar Popcorn

Chocolate oreos





Much more to come ...