Antidotes to the Corona Virus By a Faith and Nutrition Healer Dr. Diane K. Olson
Naturally-derived healing agents/products for healing the effects of nuclear energy on the body

Faith and Politics: Our Sermon For Wednesday, March 10th, 2021, by Dr. Diane K. Olson & Dr. Jesus C. Nielsen

Jesus came to earth as a healer and He heals people who are oppressed, afflicted and hurt -- He did NOT come to "save" the people who hurt His meek and humble and faith-filled peoples and Lutherans.

The cross, the name Jesus and healing itself is not even mentioned in the chapter of Revelations that many people grew-up on nor are they mentioned in John 3:11 of the gospels of new version bibles out there.  Like we said, Jesus -- Lord Jesus -- came back in 1969 until the present day to set the record straight on this "salvational" mythology that has been circulating since colonialism appeared.  Jesus and Diane Kay and Lutherans came back to heal people who have been afflicted and oppressed by colonialist regimes and to liberate the meek and humble and and faith-filled peoples of the USA and the earth.  Jesus is a liberator and healer of the suffering and oppressed and NOT a "savior" of the oppressors and colonizers, unless they repent for the suffering they have caused Lord Jesus' peoples and what they have done and unless they relinquish the goods and property they have stolen.  End of Sermon on This Holy Day, Wednesday, March 10th, 2021, Love always, Jesus C. Nielsen & Diane K. Olson-Nielsen





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