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LORD JESUS AND GOD OUR ALMIGHTY HEAVENLY FATHER LOVE YOU IMMENSELY AND CARE ABOUT EVERYTHING THAT YOU ARE GOING THROUGH TODAY If you are suffering today, please know that Lord Jesus and God Our Almighty Heavenly Father are holding you in Their everlasting, compassionate, loving and mighty arms. And Lord Jesus always has an amazing and beautiful plan for the restoration of your heart, your joy and your peace. Lord Jesus will always stay by your side and love you and care for you beyond measure no matter what you are facing in life. So, keep the faith and keep praying and talking to Them about what you are going through because They truly care about what you are going through -- you will always remain Lord Jesus' and God Our Almighty Heavenly Father's dearly loved and precious child. You, child of God, are a miracle and You are definitely loved and adored by your Lord and Savior Jesus. IN JESUS' BEAUTIFUL, HOLY AND COMPASSIONATE NAME. LOVE ALWAYS, DIANE