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June 2017

GOD OUR ALMIGHTY HEAVENLY FATHER AND LORD JESUS LOVE YOU SO VERY MUCH AND ARE ALWAYS WITH YOU AND CARE DEEPLY ABOUT YOUR HURT AND PAIN No matter what you are going through today or how you are feeling, I want you to know that in Our Almighty Heavenly Father's eyes and Lord Jesus' eyes, you are a very beautiful and deeply loved and cared for and precious child of God and you most definitely are loved. If you are hurting, please know that Jesus feels your pain and Jesus is with you and Jesus will never leave your side nor will Jesus forsake you. The world can hurt us sometimes, but please know that God Our Almighty Heavenly Father and Lord Jesus are many, many times more powerful and all-knowing and all-loving than what is happening in your life and what is happening in the world. They see everything that is happening on the earth today and They care beyond measure for you and all of their children on this earth, and They have beautiful and amazing plans to restore your life and to restore this world and nothing in the world can stop those plans because God is Our Almighty Heavenly Father who created this world through his Holy Spirit, and He does care very much so for His children whom he created and loves and He does not like to see them suffer and He and His loving grace will have the final say in anything that you are suffering from today. Nothing on this earth can separate us from the MAGNIFICENT AND ALL-ENCOMPASSING LOVE OF GOD THAT IS IN OUR LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST. Know today, that you are loved, that God and Lord Jesus see everything that is happening in your life, and They alone will have the final say in what is happening and They alone have the ALMIGHTY power to restore and heal your life. You are loved beyond measure by a Lord and Savior and Best Friend who laid down His Life on the cross for you and carries you through all that you go through in this life and will never leave your side because Lord Jesus loves you passionately and tenderly with a love that reaches beyond all things and knows NO boundaries. I pray today Heavenly Father and Lord Jesus that you help me to continue my ministerial work on Your behalf and continue giving me the words to speak and represent what You -- Almighty Heavenly Father and Lord Jesus -- are truly about in Your love, compassion and amazing grace for all of your precious children who are hurting today. I love you, Lord Jesus, I adore you, Lord Jesus, and You, Lord Jesus, are my everything. IN JESUS' HOLY, COMPASSIONATE, LOVING, GLORIOUS AND BEAUTIFUL NAME. LOVE ALWAYS, DIANE